Game Security Redefined

Keep games fun with EasyAntiCheat as the world–class game security solution. Made effortless for game developers.

EasyAntiCheat is a holistic anti–cheat service, using hybrid anti–cheat mechanisms to counter hacking and cheating. EAC focuses on preventing the problem on a technical level, rather than on targeting and punishing the players as people. The combination of both client and server–side analysis is what enables EAC to rapidly identify upcoming threats and hacking techniques. EAC is easily implementable with plug–and–play SDKs and is easy to maintain through online dashboards and seamless update cycles.

Pioneering Security

EasyAntiCheat focuses on cheat prevention by countering the root cause of cheating. By constantly raising the threshold for new hacks and cheats, the sandbox approach leads to less hacking attempts, no false positives, and a healthier community.

Premium Experience

Our mission is to enable developers and publishers to fully focus on growing their game, delivering a truly satisfying online experience to players. Forget about the constant arm race against cheaters!

Expert Team

Our team has been developing protective tools for nearly a decade, guaranteeing top expertise. During the game's entire life cycle, our team of professional developers takes full accountability of keeping the game clean from cheaters.

Being devoted gamers ourselves, we strongly believe in the value of clean game experiences.

Personally, we believe in a positive approach in which every player is valuable, and endless banlists are only the last resort. Anti–cheat strategies must be consistent and drive towards a shift in the player‘s mindset, away from cheating. Thorough understanding of the domain with long–term strategic thinking is how level playing fields and healthy gaming communities are most easily achieved.

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