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The Hybrid Anti–Cheat

To obtain an optimal level of security, EasyAntiCheat adopts a fully holistic approach to anti–cheat strategies. Anti–cheating often turns into an ongoing cat and mouse game in which both the security team and the game hackers constantly iterate with new techniques and threat vectors. To optimize our own iteration speed and outpace any ongoing hacking attempts, we have adopted for a hybrid approach which focuses around prevention as well as detection on both the game client as well as on the game server.


The primary protection layer targets directly at disabling the root cheat mechanisms used by game hackers.


Efficiently discovering cheats is crucial to keep up with the emerging threats in a global environment. The process must be automated, swift, and not depend on human efforts.

Prevent Detect Discover


The secondary protection layer targets the more complex and advanced cheats, using:

  • Client data analysis to identify anomalies in the game process runtime.
  • Gameplay behavior analysis to identify aimbot, jumphack, and speedhack.

Don‘t bear with the cheaters!

Anti–Cheat Features

Ban List

Your master ban list to stay on top of suspended player accounts. The ban list can be managed entirely through the online dashboards and the RESTful APIs.

Client Runtime Protection

Pro–active sandboxing of the game process frustrates any new hacking attempts by blocking the great majority of root cheating mechanisms.

Client Asset Verification

The dynamic asset certification framework guarantees all loaded assets are exactly as distributed with the latest game release.

Mod Certification

The public key infrastructure powering the Client Asset Verification features allows for the dynamic certification of individual modders as well as of specific mods.

Client Runtime Analysis

Unique machine learning based system to look for known cheat patterns, as well as for yet to be discovered cheats by analysing the in–process virtual address space and code flow.

Network Protocol Protection

Dynamic protocol protection to prevent against packet injection and tampering, which often is the main threat vector exploited by bots as used for farming.

Gameplay Behavior Analysis

Server–side cheat detection engine based on true machine learning, allowing real–time analysis and enforcement of in–game behavior. Reliably detects jump–hacks, speed–hacks, and aimbots.

Player Report Processing

Manageable database of player reports and toxicity associations, allowing community managers to gain increased understanding of the dynamics within the community.

Technical Features

Seamless Integration

The integration requirements are minimalistic and do not impact game performance and keep updates and maintenance independent from the game‘s own development cycle.

Platform Integrations

EasyAntiCheat integrates deeply with several platform services, including Valve‘s Steam and Exit Games‘ Photon. If you‘re using any other platform services yourself, we‘d gladly provide the integration.

Engine Plugins

Integration of EasyAntiCheat is a plug & play process into several of the mainstream game engines, allowing you to be set up within minutes and not requiring any additional effort in ongoing maintenance.

Seamless Updates

The anti–cheat modules are updated constantly with a new build going live every five minutes. The constant re–obfuscation keeps game hackers on their toes.

Flexible Networking

Client/server, peer–to–peer, or any hybrid architecture in between? We‘ve got you covered. EasyAntiCheat provides you with proven protection on any type of network architecture.

Always Online

EasyAntiCheat is designed with availability in mind. The client doesn‘t introduce any third–party network dependencies, leaving the game server in charge.


Windows, Linux, OSX, .. Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, .. You name it! EasyAntiCheat is built to be compatible with all mainstream operating systems, and can be customized to any engine.

Service APIs

All EasyAntiCheat services are accessible through RESTful APIs, allowing you to integrate with any proprietary service of your liking.


EasyAntiCheat can be customized to your way of working. All data and functionality remains your property, and it‘s of your choosing on how to make the most effective use of the EAC service.

Support Features

Developer Dashboard

The online dashboards allow for real–time configuration of the live service. This also is your main source for documentation, news, and your key service metrics.

Scout Dashboard

Scout provides a 360° vantage point on all players. Community managers are empowered to inspect gameplay information and adjust individual penalties as needed.

Guaranteed Service Level

Playability and service quality always come first. Procedures that are up to standards to support anything from indie to AAA rated games guarantee 24/7 service availability.


News and updates are available through the online dashboards, as well as all key service performance indicators such as the status on individual cheats, service up–time, and much more.


The team remains in contact with you at all times through instant messaging channels such as Skype and Slack. A dedicated support person is assigned to ensure all features are delivered timely and with care.

24/7 Emergency Support

A 24/7 support hotline is available to sort out any emergency situations regardless of time or day.

Localized Service Interfaces

All end–user facing services are fully localized in 17 language, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and several more to come.

End–User Support Handbooks

End–user support is made easy with extensive online self–help material. The FAQ is just like the GUIs fully localized and available in several key languages.

Service Features

Fully outsourceable

EasyAntiCheat is a service rather than a tool. Our expert team can take care of all the security related work. However, if you already have a team in place and prefer close collaboration, we are keen to merge our efforts into a joined initiative too.

Expert Team

The entire team is based in a single office (Helsinki, Finland) and covers a vast variety of skills, including: reverse engineering, kernel driver development, protocol hardening, AI development, big data engineering, web development, web security, etc..

Knowledge Base

Cross–game cheat monitoring allows for a continuously growing knowledge base. Additionally, being trusted in over 30 game titles so far has allowed the team to build up extensive insight on recommended game design and management practices.

Global Presence

With a player base evenly distributed between East and West, the team has been exposed to many different gaming communities. Hence, we understand the environments of our players and have coverage on cheat providers all around the world.

Global Legal Compliance

Solid understanding of the world‘s legal environments guarantees global legal compliance, while we can also correctly consult you on the practices and limitations you may encounter in many different countries.

Global Culture

With the team consisting of over 10 different nationalities so far, we are aware of cultural preferences and are able to communicate in many different languages with developers and players alike.

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