EasyAntiCheat for eSports

Competitive gaming is in EasyAntiCheat‘s blood. With a history in games such as Counter–Strike, Quake Live, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, etc.. the team has a varying but committed history to competitive shooters. Nowadays you‘ll still find us (noob stomping?) in these listed games, but also in many of the competitive games in which our anti–cheat is active.

Seeing CS as the tip of the spear for the growth of FPS in eSports, we want to contribute and continue to see the scene flourish. It‘s around this idea that "EasyAntiCheat for eSports" was born. EasyAntiCheat for eSports is a league anti–cheat solely targeted to gamers who participate in eSport leagues and tournaments, and is available for the following games.

The service has always been free for players, with at first still having the leagues and tournaments contributing to cover the costs. However, we believe that with most tournaments taking no longer than just a couple of days, the licensing model was too restrictive. This is why we worked to redesign EasyAntiCheat for eSports with the goal of making it available for free for tournaments and leagues, and see the anti–cheat being picked up by many more leagues and tournaments around the world.

Are you a game developer? Please note that the eSports service operates independently from EasyAntiCheat‘s standard service. When integrated directly into a game, EasyAntiCheat comes with a much more extensive feature set. Please get in touch if you‘re considering integration with your game!


Participating in a league or tournament that requires EAC?

The EasyAntiCheat client is available on Steam and is required for participating in EAC protected matches. Once you have the client installed, start it from Steam and wait for the app to finish loading and indicate "Please start the game". At this point, start your game and connect to the protected game server through the standard server browser.

Do you have Steam installed on this computer?

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Leagues & Tournaments

Organize your league or tournament with EAC activated on your game servers, it‘s free!

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Familiar client

The EasyAntiCheat client is available on Steam. Players simply start the client before starting the game, and then use the in–game server browser to connect to your game servers.

Hosted infrastructure

The anti–cheat back–end servers are hosted by EasyAntiCheat, allowing a plug–and–play set–up for your tournament. Configure your RCON variables after signing up and we‘re good to go.

Forum support

Support is available on the Steam forums. Should you want additional support, please take a look at our licensed service offering.

Features Overview

License EasyAntiCheat for eSports

Need more features? EasyAntiCheat for eSports can also be licensed as a service
that can be customized specifically to your league or tournament.

6 Months

€ 133 / month

12 Months

€ 116 / month

The license fees are to be paid up–front by wire transfer.
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Custom client

The client SDK allows you to create or integrate to your custom exclusive end–user client.

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Custom hosting

By self–hosting the service you are in complete control of the end–user experience.

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RESTful HTTP APIs allow for further integration with your website and any other proprietary web services.

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Webhooks allow for easy integration with any external service, such as Slack and Discord.

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Message of the Day

Configure your message of the day, displayed to all players according to your configured frequency.

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Localized messaging

Localize and configure the in–game messages to your liking.

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Hybrid ban list

Stay on top of banned players through combining our global and your local ban list.

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